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Videos/Video Hotspots

IMS has recently through our partner received the exclusive national licensing rights for small to medium size businesses (SMB's) for a revolutionary patented Video Hotspot technology. This technology enables a video to have multiple clickable areas that are embedded within the video to actually bring a video to life!

SMB's can now engage prospects and customers through their videos by having hotspots embedded in the video that are clickable, linkable and track-able to significantly increase the value and results of their video. They can now take a static video and make it come alive for their prospects and customers to drive more interaction and results!

IMS Video Hotspot packages will enable SMB's to get a professionally made video with the hotspots built-in. As with all of our hosted and managed digital products,  customers will enjoy free text and image changes to their hotspots within the videos. 

What Is a Video Hotspot

A hot spot is an interactive, track-able piece or pieces of content embedded within a video that you can click on which links to other areas of that website, a downloadable advertising document, or any other place online. This hot spot enables the viewer to interact with the video while it's playing-you'll be able to dig deeper and learn more about a product, service, or information about any topic.

These video hot spots encourage actions by your visitors which can be tracked, leading to more time on the video or webpage, and increased engagement-which in turn, leads to more sales! IMS through their partner's is the licensed, exclusive provider of this revolutionary video hot spot technology for small and medium sized businesses (SMB's). 

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