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Keep your customers happy with custom loyalty


Tablet Loyalty Kiosks.

Mobile Loyalty.

No Hardware Loyalty.


Tablet Loyalty Kiosks

Custom to business

Use the businesses brand and color scheme to custom the tablet loyalty program to the business. Customize a tablet program in less than 5 minutes!


Multiple types of programs

  • - Points reward programs

  • - Check-in and reward

  • - Simple data capture



Simple to use

Our tablet loyalty app keeps little friction between a consumer signing up or not. Thus increasing sign-up rates and effectiveness of the loyalty programs.

  • - No accounts to create

  • - No timely sign-up process

  • - Just one entry registration the first time they check-in


Mobile Loyalty

No Hardware Loyalty

We have combined mobile punch cards, deals and messaging all into one loyalty app for businesses. In minutes you will be able to setup a business with their complete mobile loyalty program.


Mobile Punch Card

Turn a merchants paper punch cards into a mobile app. Customers are able to punch their card, get rewards and redeem them all from their phone.


Mobile Deals

Businesses are able to create deals and specials for consumers to use and redeem right on their phone. They can put time limitations on the deals/specials and message their customer base to access them.


Text Messages and Notifications

Businesses are able to collect customer phone numbers when they register for their loyalty app. Once numbers are collected the business can text customers about new deals, specials and news updates.

Business Reviews

Improve your online reputation by getting more positive reviews. Customers can view and post reviews about businesses right from their phone.

Custom Branded

Each mobile loyalty app is able to be designed to match the businesses brand. Change the colors, logos and buttons with a click of the mouse.

Simple Registration & Check-in


Consumers only need to provide their phone number or email address to the business. Every time the consumer visits the business, they just tell the staff member their phone number or email address.

  • - No customer logins

  • - No business logins

  • - No phone or tablet    needed


Merchant Staff Portal


Once the staff member has the customers phone number, they can go back to the reward portal and enter the consumers phone number or email address.

  • - Takes less than 20 seconds

  • - Has staff ids for tracking

  • - Access from anywhere

Automated Rewards


The system will automatically text or email rewards based on thresholds the business chooses.

  • - Custom thresholds

  • - Points based programs

  • - Simple check-in programs


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